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Finding best bus for your trip has never been easier! With application you can: search for bus timetables buy bus tickets for desired departures - 100% safe track your trip while you're on the bus get notified just in time you need to get off the bus manage your ti...


Transfer - Delta City Podgorica

Delta City Podgorica is the first and the largest shopping mall in Podgorica. It was opened on October 1, 2008. The mall is built in the new part of Podgorica, on the junction of roads towards Cetinje and Nikšić. It has a total floor area of 48,000 m², with gross l...


Dubrovnik Airport

The history of the Dubrovnik airport can be divided into four different periods, the first of witch began in 1936. at an airport in a place called Gruda in Konavle. After the Secand World War the airport was rebuilt in a new location in Čilipi, where it stands today. The airport is located approxima...


Tirana Airport

"Mother Teresa" Airport (Rinas Airport) in Rinas is the airport of the capital and at the same time Albania's only international airport for civilian flights. Tirana International Airport "Mother Theresa" was built in a two year period - the construction began in mid-1...