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Bijeljina – Urban and rural tourism

In the northeastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the center of the fertile plain of Semberija, there is Bijeljina, a city with 100,000 inhabitants, whose municipality lies on large underground reserves of geometral water with a temperature of at least 75 degrees Celsius. Becoming an increasing...


Other 0 Comments Sep 26, 2023

Montenegrin cuisine - Kacamak

Once considered a thrifty peasants’ food found only in rural areas, kačamak is now considered a trademark dish and a fundamental part of Montenegrin cuisine. This traditional Montenegrin dish can be described as a thick maize porridge, with variations that can be found in Turkish and Balkan cu...


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Frankfurt - Art and tradition

Frankfurt is a completely different city compared to all the others on the German territory. It is a financial and business center, the headquarters of some of the world's most important companies, such as the European Central Bank and the German Federal Bank. Numerous world fairs are held in Fr...


Other 0 Comments Jul 05, 2023

Petrovac – A peaceful bay on the Montenegrin coast

The southern town, with fragrant pine forests and olive groves, crystal clear sea surface and pebble beaches, is a quiet bay on the Montenegrin coast. It is located between Budva and Bar and is inhabited by only 1,700 people. Although small, Petrovac is a recognizable toponym of Montenegrin tourism....