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Located in the middle part of Central Serbia, in Raška District,  Kraljevo used to be a part of a trade connection on the Dubrovnik - Constantinople way during Roman Empire times. The first written records ofKraljevo date back to 1476, when it was named Rudo polje in the oldest Turkish cadastre listing. The final name Kraljevo was acquired in1882, with the meaning of “King’s Town” with the coronation of King Milan Obrenović. Today's appearance of Kraljevo is unique in comparison to other Serbian towns. What makes it special is the urban plan made in the beginning of the 19th century - main (round) square with parallel streets, with another two gravitating it. With its beauties, Kraljevo and its surrounding area represent just the place for rest and enjoyment.

Žiča Monastery (Medieval Coronation Church): built in early 13th century during the powerful and expansive Nemanjić dynasty, this monastery is one of the most important religious places in Serbian medieval history. It is the church where all Serbian kings were crowned and it was the first seat of Serbian archbishop. Monastery is excellently kept, very peaceful and quiet. The church has some fragments of original 13th and 14th century frescoes, masterpieces of medieval Bizantine influenced paintings.


Maglič Fortress: Situated on a hill, the favorable position of this stunning castle allows people to experience a breathtaking view of the amazing Ibar valley. Since the castle was recently renovated, the walls of the castle can be easily climbed and visitors can enjoy the magnificent view of the natural surroundings. Even though you need to climb at least 20 minutes until you get to the top of the hill, where the Maglič Fortress stands, it is really worth it, since there are some unforgettable experiences waiting at the top.

Studenica: Being one of the four UNESCO protected heritage sites in Serbia, this monastery built in 12th-century by Stefan Nemanja holds the title of one of the biggest monasteries in whole Serbia, featuring valuable Byzantine-style frescoes..

Mataruška spa: Situated about 8km from the city of Kraljevo, Mataruška spaisone of the most beautiful spas of the country. Famous for its springs of warm mineral water (42–51°C), which contain a lot of sulfur (approximately 25mg/l - Sulfurous water here actually has the greatest concentration of sulfur in southern Europe (127mg/l), the spa was also famous throughout the history, especially during the war of 1970and 160km from the capital Belgrade. Through the spa flows the river Ibar, and it is surrounded by a number of mountains: Stolovi, Troglav and Čemerno. These make the temperatures at the spa very enjoyable even during the summer months.



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