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Travel: Split-Kotor, an ancient experience.

Travel: Split-Kotor, an ancient experience.

Putopisi , 0 Comments Apr 26, 2016

During my summer Vacation in Split, I came to a decision to visit neighbouring Montenegro. First destination that came to mind was medieval city of Kotor. It didn't take much time to find appropriate bus ticket online, and with that I was ready.

My departure was scheduled at 02:35h – I thought it may be smarter not to sleep before the road, so I would sleep through most of it, but then I remembered that the sight of Croatian coast, and sunrise at Metković would be an experience to remember.

After entering the bus, my voyage soon after began.
Split during the night has its distinguished charm. Multitudes of night lights that reflects on the sea surface much like long, fiery aquarelle simply lured me to dreams, but somehow I was successful to resist that sweet, sweet call.
First patch of the road was marked through the thoughts and expectations about city of Kotor. All that can be seen, a city of many centuries, how each grain of sand there has it's of story to tell and piece of history to present.

Much to my joy, the Moon shone bright that night, so the contours of Dinari Mountains presented in their evening attire, much like gargantuan nobles preparing for late night banquet. While on the opposing side lanterns upon fishing boats provided stage lights for this display.

Drawn in this scene I tucked myself in the seat, while sound of wheels that burned miles slowly guided me to sleep.

I woke up from my brief dreams about Kotor and scenes of medieval battles upon city gates.
The Sun already lightly peeked above the Horizon. I could almost feel the scent of early morning air and sea. Fishermen returned with their lanterns dowsed; for their lights were no longer needed. After brief rise and crossing of Neum Border crossing, Franjo's bridge  welcomed all travellers that headed towards Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik has its own story, I planned to come back here once I return from Kotor, since the bus stopped very briefly on the station. However the very little I was able to take in with my eyes was enough to make me thirst for my comeback to Dubrovnik.

Adriatic road that leads to Montenegro is very fast. Yellow-green valleys and splendour of Konavle rocks created breathing-stones illusion. Fig and Olive trees, flowers and all other vegetation stood defiant against nude mountain peaks that surrounded them.

Border crossing Debeli Brijeg was quick and painless experience – After a routine documentation check the Bus resumed via Adriatic road towards Boka-Kotorska bay.

The Bus merged with local traffic, so amidst the rush hour I felt like a local of Herceg Novi. The true jewels of this city were out of reach with the road we used, however the sight of the Blood Tower that had only endless sky and sea blueness was a breath taking sight.

Passing through local villages, people were enjoying their vacation, leisure and sun, which just boosted my wish to jump right out of the bus and directly on the beaches that were in my sight.

Going deeper within the bay, it was getting more and more obvious that I'm on a place abundant with historical heritage, dating back even from prehistorical times. Standing as a proof were the cave drawings in Lipci. Soon after Lipci, I noticed two islands in the middle of the bay, St. George aisle and aisle of Holy Maiden of the Rock. One was natural, and the other artificial, judging by vegetation it was simple to conclude which one was natural once comparing these two islands. Since Maiden of the rock had no trees, just modest church with a blue roof.

As I neared Kotor, I got awed by the sight of old Villas, which were properties of old sea captains. Some renovated, some preserved in their original edition. But one thing both had in common was an endless amount of flowers that blossomed around them. I was growing impatient to get hit by that gust of fragrances that I was promised looking through the window.

Soon after the bus passed by Kotor's main gates, I was literary glued to the window, trying to see as much as I was able to, but in any case, luckily for me, my station was right around the corner. After a very short anticipation-filled road, I finally arrived to see and experience first-hand medieval city of Kotor.



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